Our specialised software ‘Social Dashboard’, combined with over 30 years Sales, Marketing & Merchandising experience, together with great communication design, means that we can make your business stand out on Facebook, dramatically increase your Organic Reach and maximise the impact of your paid advertising!

4 Important Facts about Facebook!

The average user has approx. 1,500 posts available to view each day, but typically only looks at 300 – Friends, family, groups & businesses.

The average Irish Facebook user spends 20 minutes per day on Facebook. That’s 0.8 sec to see every post available! So your posts need to stand out!

Facebook use over 100,000 algorithms or rules to determine what every user sees and when they see it! These algorithms are continually changing.

93 % of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly, that translates to about 3 million companies that use Facebook to market their business.

Facebook Organic Reach

  • On average less than 4%* of your Facebook page followers actually see your posts! This is called Organic Reach
  • Facebook encourages you to spend money to “BOOST” your posts. This is called Paid Reach.
  • You can dramatically improve Organic Reach by playing the game the way Facebook want you to play it!
*Source –  (January 2019)

Facebook Organic Reach Digital Genie

  • Clients of Digital Genie Ltd achieve on average 18% Organic Reach
  • This is over 4 TIMES the average reach for business pages on Facebook.
  • Results based on 2,426 posts over a 5 month period to April 2019
  • We know how to play Facebook’s game to maximise your Organic Reach and help your business STAND OUT on Facebook

Facebook is Changing!

You have to change too!

The things you’ve been doing on Facebook

for the last few years no longer work!

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Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing!

Through using specialised software, combined with over 25 years Sales & Marketing experience, and great communication design, Digital Genie Ltd can make your business stand out on Facebook and dramatically increase your Organic Reach!

"We Do Facebook Ourselves"

Why can’t one of our staff put stuff up on Facebook for us?

Of course they can……… BUT?

  • Poor grammar, spelling, choice of words, and phrasing reflect badly on your business.
  • You are at risk or damaging your brand and your business by poor use of Social Media!
  • Have they qualifications or experience in Digital Marketing, Design Communication & Social Media Management?
  • Have they access to state-of-the-art social media marketing tools?

Can they –

  • Create professional branded images and video?
  • Write engaging text?
  • Schedule posts to go live at the optimum time?
  • Understand & predict Facebook’s “EdegeRank” and algorithms?
  • Can they do all this and still find the time to do their other jobs?
  • What happens when they are off sick, or on holidays?
  • What happens when they move on to greener pastures?

Trust The Experts.

Digital Genie Ltd gives you a Professional Presence on Social Media and removes all of the potential problems associated with
“We do Facebook ourselves”

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