Twitter Marketing

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a “micro-blogging” service.  This means you can post short updates limited to 140 characters or less.  This post is called a “tweet”.  Twitter is also a great way to expand your network and is a useful marketing tool that allows you to interact with your customers in three different ways:Twitter Marketing, Digital Marketing

  • Send a short message to a group of people publicly
  • Send a short message to a specific person publicly
  • Send a short message to a specific person privately

Massages can include images and short video along with links to your other social media profiles and your business website!  Including an image or a video makes you tweet more likely to be read by its intended audience.

Why should I use Twitter for my business?

Twitter is great way to build relationships with your customers.  The best business use of Twitter for your business is to meet potential customers and leads the same way you would at networking event or trade show.

Digital Genie can help you use Twitter to:

  • Develop and promote your business
  • Engage with your customer base
  • Track what people are saying about your business, product or service
  • Create excitement about upcoming events
  • Empower individual employees to engage directly with customers
  • Promote and share content you’ve created and drive traffic to your business website

What should I tweet about?

  • An observation: Tweet about what you’re doing, or planning
  • Promote your content: Post a link to your most recent company website update
  • Promote someone else’s content: Post a link to a suppliers product information page
  • Showcase: Tweet some images of your product or service
  • Chat with a customer directly: Send messages using an @ sign
  • Retweet what a customer has said

Is Digital Genie on twitter?

Yes we are! Have a look at some of our page  follow us, and send us a tweet!

How do I get started?

It’s easy!  Just click on the button and we’ll have you tweeting in no time!

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